I have enjoyed being in Jane Nash’s art class for several years. Her broad, deep knowledge of art history informs her teaching. In addition, she has experience in a variety of media, including pencil, acrylic, watercolor, collages and more. Jane encourages each student to choose his/her own subject and medium for each project. Her artistic versatility and powers of perception enable her to address our individual needs, questions, goals. She provides firm guidance and instruction when needed while also nurturing creativity as she urges each student to explore, experiment and play; in essence, to learn. In brief, Jane is a skilled artist who is knowledgeable,supportive, receptive, patient and kind - a wonderful teacher.
— Jill


As a teacher and artist, I try to continually grow and change. I have explored other careers and jobs over the years but have always returned to teaching and creating art. 

I am a muralist, painting primarily residentially but also commercially. I love to combine interior design and art in a way that adds to the well-being of my clients. The longest period of time I have painted in one home is 11 months. The shortest is 1 day. Most of my murals are in the Desert resort cities of Southern California, but I have painted throughout the United States. 

I am an acrylic painter, working on commission and for my own enjoyment. I like landscapes and interiors but also paint portraits, nature illustrations, pet portraits, anime and any other subjects which I find inspiring or interesting. 

I am a thangka painter - complex traditional Tibetan scrolls. 

I am an art teacher. I love teaching…

I teach art classes in my home, giving artists the opportunity for close attention and lots of fun. The maximum number of students is 4 per class. We develop important relationships, influencing each other and exchanging ideas and information in an intimate setting. I allow students to choose their media and do their own thing with my help every step of the way. Creativity is individual and I treat it and nurture it individually.  Many of my classes are one-on-one.